R v RD & others - Central Criminal Court - September 2021

Conspiracy to supply firearms

In 2020 the Metropolitan police service mounted a proactive operation codenamed operation Coronus in order to disrupt the supply of illegal handguns into the hands of those involved in criminal activity. This was following the recovery of antique firearms in the possession of individuals on arrest with what was described as “home loaded” ammunition which was capable of being fired by those antique firearms with lethal force.

The exception granted under the firearms act 1968 allowing antique firearms to be held legitimately ceases to apply if they are held together with viable ammunition. The firearms recovered were quite capable of killing someone and, because of their size and manufacture were “prohibited weapons” as defined by the above act of Parliament.

In July 2020 police raided an address in Enfield, a cottage on farmland. It was what could only be described as a gun factory. 25 antique guns were recovered some dissembled and in the process of being cleaned and put back together and others complete. Also found was a significant quantity of home loaded ammunition together with all the component parts and equipment needed to manufacture it. Some of the guns were loaded with viable ammunition.

RD lived at the address and was arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to supply firearms and on being charge was remanded in custody. However, following a three-week trial before the Central Criminal Court where, the Crown produced evidence to show that there were in excess of 40 firearms which had been purchased and transferred to others, our Mr Sanjeev Shivalkar represented RD and instructed Mr Archangelo Power, of counsel, of 2 Bedford Row Chambers resulting in an acquittal of RD.

See the associated link: https://www.itv.com/news/london/2020-07-24/detectives-find-25-guns-at-firearms-workshop-house-in-Enfield