Family Law

Few legal matters can leave a person feeling as vulnerable and resentful as those related to family law.  At Faradays Solicitors, we are well-known for dealing with divorce, arrangements for children, domestic violence, childcare proceedings, and all other family law matters with sensitivity, compassion, and intelligent, expert legal representation.

We are not only there for you in a crisis, but we also advise and represent clients who wish to take control of their finances by entering into Cohabitation Agreements and Pre and Post-nuptial agreements.  Our advice is clear, practical, and fully tailored to your individual situation.

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Our family law team led by Andrew Symeou, will work to ensure your best interests are protected and you and your children receive justice.  You can be confident when instructing us your solicitor will be available to you to answer any concerns and questions you have.  We hold both a Lexcel accreditation and Family law accreditation from the Law Society of England and Wales, factors which demonstrate our commitment to maintaining exceptional standards in client care and quality legal advice and representation.

It is our experience and commitment to ensuring all clients, regardless of their background and/or economic status, have access to justice, that make our legal practice unique.  Unlike many firms, we take on both private and legal-aid funded family law clients; working with both high-net-worth individuals whose financial settlements run into the millions of pounds, to vulnerable parents fighting to prevent their children being taken into care.  Our multi-lingual team are fluent in several languages, and we can quickly organise interpreters if required.

Our expertise in family law includes the following:

Divorce Law

Getting divorced is listed as the second most stressful event a person can face in life.  And for good reason.  It turns your world and your children’s world upside down and launches you into an uncertain future.  At Faradays Solicitors, we take away the uncertainty and give you the confidence to work out the financial settlement and childcare arrangements in a non-confrontational manner, allowing you to plan for a positive future for you and your children.  We will ensure you receive the settlement you deserve and help you and your spouse work out matters between you, using round-table negotiation and/or mediation if appropriate.  And if your situation means court proceedings are inevitable, we will hold your hand throughout, working solidly in your corner to ensure your best interests are protected.

Finance and Property

Financial settlements and childcare arrangements are the key concerns of couples going through a divorce or judicial separation.  We will advise and represent you to ensure you receive a fair settlement, so you can move on with your life.  If you suspect your spouse is hiding property and/or assets, either in the UK or internationally, we will work with forensic accountants to uncover assets and place a Freezing Order to prevent disposal.

Judicial Separation 

Judicial separation is an alternative for people who for religious, cultural, or personal reasons do not want to obtain a divorce.  We will advise and represent you on obtaining a fair financial settlement and sorting out arrangements for your children, swiftly and in a sensitive manner.  Our family law team can support you through negotiation and mediation if a dispute develops and/or court proceedings.

Application of Sharia Law

Our multi-lingual, culturally-sensitive team can assist you with obtaining an Islamic divorce from Sharia Councils around the country and secure a payment of the wife’s ‘Mahr’ and wedding jewellery as part of the divorce settlement, or by issuing a civil claim.  If your marriage is not recognised under English law, we can assist with obtaining a settlement through trust law.

Civil Partnership Disputes

If you are going through a civil partnership dissolution, our family law team will assist you with obtaining a fair financial settlement and make arrangements for any children involved.  Civil partnership disputes can be stressful and traumatic, because of the uncertainty each partner feels about their future.  By choosing Faradays Solicitors, you can be confident all the options available to you regarding your unique situation will be fully explained.

Pre and Post-Nuptial Agreements

Although Pre and Post-Nuptial Agreements are not legally binding, the court will generally uphold them as long as certain safeguards were observed.  From creating a clear, fair, and comprehensive agreement, to negotiating its terms and providing independent advice as to its future implications, we can assist you with all aspects of pre and post nuptial agreements.

Separation Agreement

We draft and negotiate robust Separation Agreements, designed to set out how arrangements for finances, children, and property are dealt with after you separate.  Although not legally binding, a Separation Agreement is a contract, and our expert drafting will ensure it has a strong chance of being upheld in court.

Cohabitation Agreements and Declarations of Trust

Despite being the fastest growing type of family unit in the UK, at present, cohabitees receive almost no legal protection in England and Wales. To protect your best interests, we can draw up detailed Cohabitation Agreements which set out how your finances will be managed whilst you are together and how they will be divided should you part ways.  Our team can also draft a Declaration of Trust if one person moves into a property which is owned exclusively by the other party.  This can save enormous expense and heartache should you separate after a number of years.

Child Arrangements

Our years of experience in family law means we fully comprehend the stress and worry a dispute over arrangements for children can cause.  We are committed to putting the needs of the children first and will ensure their wishes are heard and their interests protected.  If you require a Child Arrangement Order, we will advise and represent you, explaining the process, including the role of a Cafcass officer and Cafcass report.

Child Care Proceedings

Our specialist team dealing with child care proceedings are caring, compassionate, and expertly trained, with one key focus - protecting the best interests of the child.  We understand how emotionally-charged and stressful situations involving child care proceedings can be, whether private or involving social services.

Domestic Violence

Whether you are male or female, if you come to us for help regarding domestic violence, our priority is your safety and welfare, and that of your children.  Many of our team are multi-lingual, and we can bring in interpreters if required to ensure you understand how the law can protect you. We can apply for emergency Non-Molestation and Occupation Orders, and we have strong relationships with various agencies able to provide support, such as Refuge and Women’s Aid.  We can also advise and support you on matters involving forced marriage, child abduction, and female genital mutilation.

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