Criminal Law

Few criminal defence solicitors in London have the depth of knowledge and experience in criminal law that our team has.  We have successfully acted for criminal defendants in matters ranging from procedural mistakes made by a judge in a confiscation order to delaying and/or preventing extradition for serious crimes.

Our criminal law defence team will provide advice and representation from the very beginning of your contact with the criminal justice system.  We provide police station representation 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Many of our solicitors are multi-lingual and if they are not fluent in your first language (should it not be English), they will swiftly arrange for an interpreter.

As solicitors accredited in criminal law by the Law Society of England and Wales, we can provide you with the advice and representation you need to ensure you have a strong defence.

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We can assist you with any type of criminal offence including:

Serious crime

Serious crime involves offences such as:

  • murder and attempted murder
  • manslaughter
  • class A and B drug offences
  • unlawful wounding or inflicting grievous bodily harm
  • assault on a police officer
  • rioting
  • kidnapping
  • burglary
  • robbery
  • arson
  • sexual offences
  • fraud

All these offences carry prison sentences and if a person is convicted, their future employment prospects and reputation could be severely affected.  We have a wealth of experience appearing in the Magistrates Court, County Court, High Court and Court of Appeal.  Our criminal defence team works with some of the best criminal law barristers in the country and understand how to build a robust, credible and persuasive defence.  At Faradays Solicitors, we take a pro-active approach to creating a defence, ensuring the focus is on the trial and obtaining the best result for our clients.


Faradays Solicitors provides expert defence in internal and external fraud investigations, as well as where criminal proceedings have been brought.  We have worked on cases involving complex fraud, where transactions and funds have crossed multiple borders.  Our team has advised and represented Boards, company directors and individuals who have been accused of various types of fraud including:

  • conspiracy to defraud
  • false accountancy
  • boiler-room fraud
  • benefit fraud
  • mortgage fraud
  • MTIC/VAT fraud 

Our criminal defence lawyers understand the procedures and techniques behind investigations undertaken by the Financial Conduct Authority, Serious Fraud Office and the National Crime Agency and will provide you with the advice and representation you need to protect your interests and defend any charges.

Terrorism Law

The government’s powers to investigate suspected terrorist activity have increased exponentially over the past 15 years.  Being accused of a terrorism offence can jeopardise your freedom, relationships, employment opportunities, and your ability to travel to other countries.

We are one of the few law firms in the country that possess the knowledge and have the experience in this niche area of criminal law.  Whether you are charged with planning an event, or for a terrorist act which has occurred, our team can provide you with expert advice and representation.

Sexual Offences

The failure of the Crown Prosecution Service to abide by disclosure laws in sexual offence cases has received a lot of media attention.  The danger of being wrongly convicted of a sexual offence is very real, which is why it is crucial to instruct a criminal defence solicitor who fully understands the processes and procedures applicable to a sexual offence case.  At Faradays Solicitors, our team can help you if you have been charged with:

  • rape
  • sexual assault
  • sexual assault of a child under 13 years
  • sex trafficking 
  • revenge porn
  • possession of indecent images
  • being involved in a child sexual abuse ring or ‘grooming’

We will provide robust representation and support you and your family through the criminal trial procedure.

Road Traffic Offences

Being convicted of a road traffic offence can devastate people’s livelihoods and reputation.  Many offences also carry prison sentences.  If your driver’s licence is at risk from receiving too many penalty points, it is imperative that you contact us for legal advice and representation.  Our road traffic solicitors can assist you with:

  • drink driving
  • death by dangerous driving and dangerous driving
  • death by careless driving and careless driving (driving without due care and attention)
  • speeding offences
  • driving without insurance
  • driving whilst disqualified
  • failing to stop and/or report an accident

There are many defences available for road traffic offences; you do not simply have to plead guilty or accept the Fixed Penalty Notice.  Talk to our team and we will ensure you fully understand your options.

All other criminal matters

Being convicted for a minor criminal offence can dramatically affect your life.  Not only do you risk having to pay a fine and perhaps serve a prison sentence, but you will also have a criminal record which will impact your ability to travel and undertake certain types of employment.

Our criminal defence solicitors provide 24-hour police station representation and can advise on all types of criminal matters, including theft, assault, receiving stolen goods, and disturbing the peace.  

We have a strong knowledge of the correct procedures which must be followed by the police when making an arrest.  If there are any weaknesses in the Prosecution’s case, we will uncover it and build a strong defence in your favour.

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