Many cohabiting couples purchase homes together. In the event that the relationship breaks down, a dispute between the parties may arise in relation to ownership of the property or occupation.

If you are not married, an application under the Trusts of Land and Appointment of trustees Act 1996 may be required (TOLATA). In TOLATA cases, one of the parties has to establish an entitlement and only then does the question of apportionment arise. This is different from matrimonial cases where the parties begin with a position of basic entitlement.

We can represent you in negotiations with your ex- partner and in commencing or defending court proceedings should the need arise.           

If you are going through a civil partnership dissolution, our family law team will assist you with obtaining a fair financial settlement and make arrangements for any children involved.  Civil partnership disputes can be stressful and traumatic, because of the uncertainty each partner feels about their future.  By choosing Faradays Solicitors, you can be confident all the options available to you regarding your unique situation will be fully explained.      

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