Pan Symeou


Pan Symeou is the senior partner and founder of Faradays Solicitors. He qualified as a Solicitor in 1992.

He has defended in some of the UK’s highest profile, complex and serious cases. He is regularly sought after for his expertise in complex and grave crime which has seen him represent clients facing some of the UK’s most publicised murder and drugs trials. He is also a specialist in white collar crime, commercial fraud, confiscation proceedings, money seizures and extradition. He specialises in representing and advising high net-worth individuals and organised criminal networks both in the UK and internationally. He has represented clients in some of the most serious cases

Pan has travelled extensively around the world as a result of his work and has international acclaim as a high ranking Criminal Defence Lawyer.

Pan is often instructed by international criminal networks from abroad and high profile gangs in the UK as his reputation as one of the UK's top criminal Solicitors is well established.

He is very hard working and dedicated to his clients, leaves no stone unturned in their defence and very approachable and personable.

He has also conducted many cases that have become legal precedents such as R v R, a murder case that was successfully won at the House of Lords, R v Z (forgery and counterfeit passports), R v I (drugs Conspiracy) and R v P (death by dangerous driving)

Pan has undertaken many murder trials including R v (murder of mother and 3 children), R v (high profile murder), R v (high profile murder of female involving complex mental health issues). Other high profile cases include the gangland chicken shop murder of a 17 year old female, the Halloween murder and thumb in the sky murder.

Pan has represented the principals in two of the UK’s largest and most complex international drugs conspiracies of recent times under the auspices of Operation Montecarl, Operation Nimjask

He has also represented the principals in two of the largest drugs hauls ever in the UK consisting of over 5 and 2 tonnes of class A drugs (notably R and R).

Pan represented the principal in one of the UK’s largest ever people trafficking cases notably R.

Pan has recently undertaken two high profile Extradition cases, In the case of the Republic of Ghana where the Ghanaian Government sought the extradition of his client to Ghana to face murder charges and on conviction he would have been sentenced to the death penalty.

In Government of Greece he successfully represented a Judge at the High Court who faced extradition to Greece for corruption offences on 5 European Arrest Warrants.


Pan is authorised to represent professional footballers as a intermediary and he is the legal representative for Elite Agent Agency one of the UK’s biggest and most reputable Mixed Martial Arts Agency. He has been responsible for negotiating and settling contracts for a number of prominent footballers and UFC fighters.

Pan is a qualified football coach and has been the manager and coach of youth football teams for the past 7 years and has produced over 15 players who have signed contracts with professional football academies.


Pan specialises in all types of serious crime including complex white collar fraud, large scale drugs, murder, serious sexual offences, extradition, money laundering and confiscation proceedings.

In recent years he has been involved in the following high profile cases:

R v K - the largest prosecution of counterfeit notes

R v M - the largest prosecution of importation of counterfeit cigarettes

R v G - the largest prosecution of the facilitation of illegal entrants into the UK - this case was front page news and featured on Sky News and was the subject of a Panorama documentary

R v S - MTIC fraud that lasted 10 months in trial at Woolwich Crown Court

R v O - large scale fraud at Kings College Hospital

R v M - large scale insurance fraud

R v S - large scale Inland Revenue Fraud

R v A - acquittal of a Turkish lady charged with the importation of 150kgs of cocaine. This case was front page news in Turkish newspapers both in the UK and in Turkey

R v G - extradition to Ghana to face charges of Murder with the imposition of the death penalty in the event that the defendant is convicted

R v D - the chicken shop murder of a 16 year old girl - front page headlines in the UK

R v C - the Halloween murder - front page headlines in the UK

R v L - the stabbing to death of a 35 year old female by an 18 year old male - front page headlines in the UK

R v - contract killing of a mother by a 16 year old male who was paid £200

R v C - Westfield murder

R v K - the biggest conspiracy to supply drugs into the UK, notably 5 tonnes

R v O - importation of 1.6 tonnes of cocaine

R v K - large scale conspiracy to supply class A drugs in which all defendants were acquitted leading to front page headlines in The Times newspaper

R v Y - murder trial involving the kidnap, torture and killing of an alleged love rival

Car eer History

Pan qualified as a Solicitor in 1992 after completing his training contract at Dresdens Solictors. He has worked in Criminal law at various firms in London since qualifying.

1996 - Qualified as Court & Police Station Duty Solicitor

2002- Partner & Director at Faradays Solicitors

Membership of London Criminal Courts Solicitors Association